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Helping you find who's who at Norwest

About is an online directory helping people find businesses, office space, real estate and community organisations located in Norwest Business Park or that service Norwest Business Park. 

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is "to be a valuable online resource with information about Norwest Business Park including recent developments and building information and to provide a quality directory for the area known as "Norwest", including businesses, office space, real estate, retail and community organisations." 

Our Purpose

We want to help people find Who's Who at Norwest. We want to attract businesses to Norwest Business Park and help promote businesses already located in Norwest. Our purpose also includes helping people find employment in Norwest Business Park and possible housing near by, through local residential options available. 


Our main source of promotion will be via the internet through search engines such as Google as well as other websites. Our goal is to develop relationships with a wide variety of organisations, encouraging them to link to With the Google friendly URL's used on the website and other search optimisation tools, we intend to maintain a high ranking on Google and other search engines, helping the specific listings to also rank highly. Other advertising and promotion will be done through the local newspapers, sponsorhips, mail outs and other various promotional activites.